A great gift for your husband

Last weekend was my husband’s birthday.  When you balance a job with raising a family, birthday’s get a little more complicated.  I got a great gift for my husband that I figured I would show everyone here.  I am going to be completely transparent though, this WAS a gift for him, however it got it for a specific reason.  First, here is the gift

I got him a Browning Gun safe after reading the review on gunsafereviewsguide.com (you can follow the link).  Now this thing is massive, it took 4 of his friends to drag it out into the garage and screw it to the floor.  It holds all 10 of the rifles that my husband owns with room to spare.

I know this seems a bit out of character for this site but here is the reason why my husband was gifted this giant gun safe.

First, he loves his guns dearly and I wanted them to be in the perfect environment AWAY FROM OUR KIDS.  By keeping them in the garage I feel like we have less of a chance of one of the children running around the house and finding a rifle.

Second, our kids are getting older.  At some points during the day we are both not quite home from work and that scares the day lights out of me.  I wanted anything dangerous to be locked away so that they can’t get to it while no one is home or even worse, try and show a friend their father’s toys.

This was an extremely expensive gift, however I feel it is definitely a necessity  and an investment.  I basically killed two birds with one stone with this gift.  My husband loves it and I have some peace of mind.

So how did I get the idea for a gun safe? I happened to be browsing the internet and found this site


Some of the statistics were scary and hit a little too close to home.

“39 percent of children knew where their parents guns were stored”

“22 percent admitted to handling the gun while they weren’t home”

After seeing those two quotes it was a done deal.  The guns were getting locked up and there would be absolutely no discussion about it.  I do feel bad about how both of our careers keep us away from home at times, but that is definitely not a reason to put our family in jeopardy.  If you own a firearm and would like some more information on gun safes and where to purchase or what to purchase please contact me.  I did a lot of research and sifted through numerous websites before making a purchase, I would be glad to help.

Caffeine For An Afternoon Boost?

I know that everyone sees those five hour energy shots in practically every drug store on the planet but to be honest, I don’t really feel comfortable taking something like that.

Green Tea Pills... A better Option?

I stumbled upon this site that was giving green tea extract reviews and some other information on the benefits of green tea pills.  It makes sense, there is a metabolism boost from the supplement that should wake me up and the only ingredients are green tea concentrate.

I started to read about the health benefits of green tea and was like “DUH!!” this is a no brainer.  Regardless of the afternoon energy boost, green tea can offer so many cancer fighting and health improving benefits that I really should be taking it anyway.  Those little pills are like antioxidant bombs.  They can help lower cholesterol through the polyphenols contained in green tea while raising HDL.  Two other benefits are controlling blood sugar levels and helping stop the break down of cartilage that causes arthritis.

I won’t lie, I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t stumble on to this supplement earlier.   I’ll be taking it daily and tracking my weight loss.  I don’t really care if I lose weight or not while taking the supplement..but it sure would be a nice side effect!  Take a look at this information about green tea.


Do you have any experience with green tea supplements or have you been thinking about trying them?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  The side effects seem to be very minimal and no different than your average caffeine jitters.  Pretty much exactly what you would expect from an energy boost like five hour energy, minus the health benefits.  I am excited to start and when the pills come in from amazon I’ll let you know how I feel!